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MINIMAL platinum plated fine porcelain clasp earring set

MINIMAL platinum plated fine porcelain clasp earring set

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The women are the Sun of life, around which the whole world spins. That is symbolized by this Flower of Life motif decorated fine porcelain earring set. Its design is nobly simple. Its only purpose is to put the gently elegant woman who radiates trust in the center. Everywhere, among any kind of company. Thanks to the careful craftsmanship of fine porcelain, the artistic handmade work of the porcelain artist and not least the 23 carat genuine platinum used for painting is perfectly unique. Just like the woman, who is wearing it.


  • Material: handmade fine porcelain
  • Decoration: hand painted 23K platinum and porcelain paint
  • Collection: Minimal
  • Accessories: antiallergic medical metal
  • Diameter: 13 mm
  • Materials


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